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Major, Minor and Options

Two students working with lab equipment in Chemistry lab.

A versatile program that meets your needs

Chemistry is often referred to as “The Central Science” because it plays a pivotal role in many areas of science and technology. Chemists often work in teams at the interface with other science and engineering disciplines in a broad range of industries, for example, pharmaceuticals, batteries, solar cells, biotechnology, forensics, polymers, food, and semi-conductors. Chemistry is a strong preparation for graduate school. Job prospects for chemists are excellent with typical unemployment rates for chemists about half the national average!

A Bachelor of Science degree features two tracks, each with a chemistry core and a selection of accompanying options. Each B.S. degree is customized with an option (detailed below).

We also offer a Bachelor of Arts degree for chemistry students interested in a broad education that includes a second language and may lead to international opportunities, especially if coupled with the International Degree Program at OSU.

Chemistry degree tracks

The B.S. degree in chemistry has two available tracks.

The American Chemical Society-certified Track One is designed for students intending to pursue a graduate degree in chemistry or a closely related area. It provides the most rigorous and complete chemistry, physics and mathematics background and the most extensive laboratory experience.

The multi-disciplinary Track Two is designed to enhance preparation for employment or graduate study in a variety of areas reflected in the available options for that track. These options are structured to provide a chemistry major with a second area of expertise.

Chemistry minor

Chemistry is the central bridge between physical, life and applied sciences such as medicine and engineering. Therefore, it serves as a highly valuable complement to your science or engineering major. A chemistry minor can be combined with a major in biology, physics, chemical, nuclear or mechanical engineering, mathematics, public health or agricultural sciences to deepen your science education and broaden your job opportunities in industry and research labs.

Interested in earning a B.A. in chemistry?

Designed for those interested in obtaining a broader background in liberal arts, including a foreign language, a B.A. degree in chemistry may open up international opportunities — especially if coupled with OSU's International Degree Program. This option includes a second language requirement and additional liberal arts courses.

Exit Survey

Once you've applied to graduate, we'd like your feedback on your undergraduate experience here at OSU. Exit surveys are anonymous, and extremely helpful to us in making changes and improvements to our department, courses, and curricula.